Jeannie (Breeder) is also a member of: The Association of Pet Dog Trainers The Orange Empire Dog Club Local Obedience training classes. And she teaches happy families with their new puppies!

Beautiful Labrador Puppies

Our Labs are siblings of the 'Ain' t no bugs on me' pup on TV.

There   is   nothing   like   the   feeling   of   being   loved   unconditionally.   White/ Yellow   Labrador   Retriever   puppies   are   the   number   one   most   popular breed   puppy   in   the   world   because   the   Labrador   Retriever   is   loyal,   loving, affectionate   and   patient.   Labradors   are   excellent   family   dogs.   Labrador puppies   are   highly   intelligent,   good-natured,   very   willing   and   eager   to please.   Labradors   are   among   the   top   choices   for   service   dog   work.   Labs love    to    play,    especially    in    water,    never    wanting    to    pass    up    the opportunity    for    a    good    swim.    These    lively    dogs    have    an    excellent, reliable,   temperament   and   are   wonderful   with   children   as   well   as   with other   dogs.   They   crave   human   leadership   and   need   to   feel   as   though they   are   part   of   the   family.   Labs   are   easily   trained. All   of   our   mom's   and dad's are Health checked by pre lim, background, or OFA certified!

Come find your forever family member!

Meant 2 Be Puppies: Lab Puppies   Home raised - calm - from Champion Lines. Lab Puppies   Health guarantee - Breeder commitment. Lab Puppies   Parents, hips, eyes, elbows, or background checked. Lab Puppies   Siblings of 'Ain' t no bugs on me' pup on TV. Lab Puppies   Our pups are in a 2012 Calendar month of Feb! Lab Puppies   Our puppies are featured in a table top book called "Puppy Hood"!
Meant   2   Be   Puppies    are   different   because   of   all   the   love,   attention,   and   care   they receive   from   birth.   Right   from   the   start   they   know   they   are   special. And   when   you   bring this   special   addition   to   your   home,   you   will   see   your   puppy   will   instantly   become   a   part of your loving family.   The   Labrador   breed   is   the   perfect   breed   for   any   family.   Our   puppies   are   bread   and trained   with   families   in   mind.   That's   why   we   don't   sell   our   puppies,   we   adopt   them   out to   good   qualified   families.   When   you   come   to   Meant   2   Be   Puppies   you   can   be   sure you   are   getting   the   highest   quality   in   Labrador   puppies   and   a   wonderful   addition   to   your family.  
A Portion of each puppy adoption goes to the Labrador Retriever Rescue!
Contact us!   We'd love to hear from you! (909) 363-6310
So   many   people   have   asked   us   how   we keep    our    dogs    so    fit    and    healthy.    Of course     we     have     always     shared     this information   with   our   clients.   Recently   one of   our   clients   mentioned   it   would   be   good to   put   a   link   to   the   products   on   our   website so   they   would   be   easy   to   fine.   We   have been   using   NuVet   products   for   years.   To learn   more   about   their   products   Click   Here or Visit to Order! You can also order by phone on their Toll- Free number: 1-800-474-7044 FREE. Just be sure to use the order code 11113 and receive their most current discount rates.  
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